We all know that feeling in golf. That feeling of when you approach a green and think you have an easy two putt for par. As you get closer you find that your putt is surprisingly much further than you had originally thought. No problem, you got this and you feel good about your putt. As you take your first putting stroke your heart sinks as you watch it roll.

It’s only after the ball whizzes by the cup that you realize how much you misread the green and your line to the cup. The putt breaks in a way that now leaves you with a scary six-footer to save par. It’s a tough position to be in, but one that many golfers know all too well.

Under reading the greens is very easy to do in golf. It’s hard to see all the breaks or slopes on the greens, especially when it comes to sinking a long putt. The good news is that there are tools out there that can help you interpret the greens and train your eyes to see the breaks in your putts. Investing in some of these practicing tools could shave a few strokes off your putting and in your overall score.

I will be highlighting three different types of putting tools that specialize in green reading. Their ultimate goal is assisting you in interpreting the toughest greens, and in training your eyes to see the breaks and slopes on the greens just like the Pros do.

Exelys BreakMaster

The first tool in green reading is called the Exelys BreakMaster. This device finds the exact break in your putting line and trains your eye to see the break on the green. As described per its product description, “The BreakMaster is a precision electronic device that accurately locates the downhill direction (or true break) of the green, measures the precise angle of slope (from 0.0 – 9.9 degrees) and provides a full readout of both on its LCD display.”

The BreakMaster is small in size and fits comfortably in your pocket. This device is easy to carry from hole-to-hole and it comes with a carrying case to protect it from damage.

The battery life of this device is very good . You will get a lot out of this tool, and it’s probably the most comprehensive and thorough green reader of the three.

The Exelys BreakMaster is a high quality item that comes with a higher price. Also included with the BreakMaster and carrying case is an operational manual and research report on making putts.

Sure Putt

The next device is called the Sure Putt. It is what I call an “old school” version of the BreakMaster. The Sure Putt is like a leveler tool which offers you insight into how flat or level a surfaces is, or in our case, a putting green. It assists in reading the slope of an uphill or downhill putt.

The bubble in the center of this dial will move to help your eye see the slope of the putt.

The Sure Putt also fits nicely into your pocket and is heavy enough that it will stay stationary on the green. While it is the most unique in color and customization, it offers just a generic understanding when it comes to reading the greens.

Since it’s basically a leveler tool type system (not digital or technical), you won’t have to worry about updates or its battery running low! The Sure Putt is very low maintenance and is a great choice for those golfers who want to keep things simple.

BreakMeter iPhone App

The final, and most intriguing, one is called The BreakMeter. The BreakMeter is an app that can be downloaded to any iPhone or iPad device. I found myself attracted to this one right away because I enjoy anything that has to do with utilizing my phone!

The BreakMeter app gives you a read of the green based on its position (uphill or downhill) and the break of the putting line (left or right). You have to first calibrate it on a flat service before you can use it. It’s an easy procedure that only takes about 30 seconds.

At the bottom of the homepage screen it gives you the option to calibrate, set your preferences and lock the screen. The preferences include sensitivity and update frequency. These preferences are only in reference to the animation on the screen (nothing really relatable to your putt).

The BreakMeter is a free iOS app but it’s only available on Apple devices (sorry Android users).

Based on the reviews of the most updated app, the BreakMeter has been given a four out of five stars. The users of this app speak highly of it, with only minor suggestions that could improve it.

While it may lack in all the fine details of reading a break in a putt, you can’t beat its price.


All three of these products offer the consumer the same end result: to be a better putter by interpreting and reading the greens like a Pro.

If you own an iPhone, dowload the free app and play around with it. If not, take a look at the Sure Putt and BreakMaster tools. Every golfer is different, and what works for one person may not work for someone else!

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