“Drive for show and putt for dough” is what my husband says when one of us ends up three putting a perfectly easy looking shot. I use the word ‘easy’ delicately, as putting is no easy endeavour for most people. It’s hard to believe that a 200-yard drive holds the same weight as a six-foot putt in golf.

For many avid golfers that is where much frustration lies within the game.

The good news is that there are putting tools out there that can help any golfer from repeatedly facing the dreaded three putt.

Revolutionary tool

In 2014, the PGA Show named the “Putter Wheel” a revolutionary tool that could help both new and long-time golfers take strokes off their game. Shaped like a car tire, the putting wheel is crafted to not only help you hit your putter’s sweet spot, but to also assist in your alignment to the ball and the cup.

How does it work?

Highlighted below are the most important aspects of what this device has to offer:

  1. The putting wheel gives you instant feedback on your putting stroke. If the golf ball is not hit in the center of your putter, then it will completely wobble on its path to the cup.
  2. The unique shape of this tool assists in giving you better direction of where your putt will end up. You may hit it solid, but if your line is off then the final result will still be a missed putt.
  3. The putting wheel also gives insight on your stance to the ball. Both the inside and outside of the wheel is marked in a red outline. If you can see either side of the wheel, then you know that you need to adjust your position; either you are too close or too far away.
  4. You can take this device to the course too. The Putter Wheel comes with a ball cover that you can use to draw outlines on your golf ball that match the shape of the wheel. This helps carry your skills over from the practice green to the real green.
Around a clubhouse they’ll tell you even God has to practise his putting. In fact, even Nicklaus does.
Jim Murray

Practice makes perfect

The more you practice with this tool, the more effective the results will be in your short game. The Putter Wheel gives instant insight on the basic motion and finesse of a putter swing that can help you score big for years to come.
You can pick up a Putter Wheel at this store. They actually provide two Putter Wheels in a single pack.

See it in action

Want to see the “Putter Wheel” in action?
Check out this video by Michael Benzie.

I have always believed that you make your score on the green. Each golf course presents a different challenge, especially on the greens. The Putter Wheel is just one of the many tools out there that can have you on your way to putting like a PGA professional.

The art and science of putting

Read more about the art and science of putting in our series on putting. This training aid helps with setup and position which is a topic discussed in the article “Is your putting grip causing you to miss?“. So, pick up your very own Putter Wheel here and start practicing today!


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