The Tour Striker Training Club: What is it?

When it comes to instant feedback and genuine intrigue, there is no better device than the Tour Striker Pro.

Not all training devices are created equal, and I’ve had the opportunity to try out a number of different tools designed to improve impact position. In my opinion, the Tour Striker Pro is a must buy.


Who better to explain how to use this training club than the inventor himself. Introducing Martin Chuck from Tour Striker. In this video Martin explains the best way to maximize the benefit of training with the Tourstriker training club.

Here's why I like it:

  1. Promotes getting into a better impact position
  2. Forces me to get better shaft lean
  3. Gets me to get my hands in front of the club face
  4. Simple to use
  5. Provides instant feedback

Immediate Feedback

The Tour Striker Pro is a training device designed to reward players with perfect impact position. The clubface is significantly smaller than your typical iron. There is a beveled area around the small face that causes mishits to take strange flights.

In order to hit a great shot with the Tour Striker Pro, you’ll have to hit the sweet spot. If you’re unsure where the sweet spot is, make sure you read the first article in this series. Here’s a clue: it’s marked with an X.

Training for a Perfect Impact Position

Unlike other training aids, the Tour Striker Pro excels by providing instant feedback. The results with the club are completely binary. Great impact is rewarded with your typical ball flight, and bad shots are instantly recognizable.

Bad shots feel strange and are accompanied by an odd-looking ball flight. Both reinforce how poorly you hit it, and you’ll immediately want to hit it again and better.

For this reason, I’ve found no better tool at giving me actionable feedback. Based on poor results, I can immediately work on getting my hands ahead of the golf ball to deloft the club.

On the other hand, hitting a shot well with the Tour Striker Pro is euphoric. You feel accomplished and believe you can hit the ball better than ever. This confidence translates quickly to your normal clubs where the sweet spot seems bigger than ever.

Long Lasting

As I mentioned above, the Tour Striker Pro is even more infuriating and addicting than trying to hit perfect strikes with your regular irons. It’s this challenge that makes the Tour Striker Pro such a valuable training aid.

If I’m struggling with my ball striking, it’s the first extra club I’ll put in my bag. After a few swings, I can sense where I need to improve and quickly get better.

Even when I feel like I’m hitting the ball well, I return to the Tour Striker Pro for proof. It keeps you honest, which ultimately makes you a better player.

Lower your scores. Start working on impact today.

The Tour Striker Pro is a piece of equipment I can’t even begin to value. It’s helped me get back on the track when I couldn’t hit the side of a barn.

Simply put, it’s one of my favorite training aids.

It has a near permanent home in my bag, and you’d be wise to make it your 15th club too.

If you’re interested and want to find out more click on this link.

I’m confident this training club can help you too to achieve better ball striking. Let me know in the comments if your game has improved thanks to the Tour Striker!