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There are plenty of articles that attempt to teach you to hit it farther and straighter (you can even find some right here on Golf Pupils), but fewer discuss the importance of the sweet spot.

To the mid and high handicapper, the sweet spot can seem elusive. Although you can’t always find it, you know the feeling. The ball jumps off your clubface and carries 10-15 yards further than normal.

Perhaps it’s our obsession with bigger, longer, and faster that’s made us neglect the importance of the sweet spot. No matter the type of equipment you use, finding the sweet spot more often is going to drastically improve your game.

What makes a sweet spot sweet?

The sweet spot of any golf club is a point on the club face that is no bigger than the sharp end of a pin. Nothing that equipment manufacturers do can ever make it bigger. This is because the sweet spot is nothing to do with the design of the golf club, as such.
Instead, it’s the exact point on the face where, when you strike a golf ball, the center of gravity (CoG) of the club head is moving directly towards the CoG of the golf ball. Both CoGs are exact points, infinitely small, so the sweet spot is equally small.

With today’s technology, you might think that finding the sweet spot on the golf club isn’t as important as it used to be. While mishits are definitely traveling further than ever before, hitting the sweet spot allows you to transfer maximum energy to the golf ball.

If you can hit it then you’re going to gain more distance and accuracy.

Finding the sweet spot

The sweet spot is different on every club; however, it’s going to be close to the center of the clubface. For irons, it’s important to create a descending blow with your shaft leaning forward at impact to create the best contact. This prevents you from hitting the ball thin, or too low on the clubface. Adam Bazelgette from Scratch Golf Academy explains this clearly in this video.

Are you hitting the sweetspot? Here are two ways to find out

LongShot Golf provides classic impact tape. Simply apply the tape to your club, swing and check the mark the ball left on your club.
Click on the image to learn more.

Alternatively, simply spray your club with MarkiT. When applied to a clubface it will indicate the impact position of the ball, and reveal the clubface position at the moment of impact. It wipes off easy and provides approximately 225 applications per can.
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Test it out!

Go ahead and use the above methods to find out if you’re hitting the ball from the sweetspot consistently. Personally, I prefer using the spray, but I’ve used tape in the past successfully as well. In my next article I’ll explain more about the “smash factor” in golf.

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