Really enjoyed this round. Check it out on Game Golf Live here.

On hole 1, a warm-up par 5, I decide to lay up. I always lay up to the end of the first part of the fairway. I aim to leave the ball 10 to 20 yards short of the bunker, which is about 100 yards away from the green. I had about 160 yards to the bunker, so I decided to hit an 8 iron, since I hit an 8 iron 140 yards. Having practiced during the week I knew I was hitting the ball better, so I decided to hit a “75% shot” (it feels like a 75% shot, but it’s probably closer to 90%). Long story short: the ball flew 160 yards and ended up in the bunker. I then knew practice was starting to pay off.

I shot +3 on the front (with a lip-out on hole 9 for birdie) and continued to play well in the back-nine until … the last 4 holes. I ended up carding a total of +6 on the last holes. The end result: 84 (12 over).

My next challenge is to do better on the last 4 holes to break 80!