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September 2016

Breaking 80!!

Super excited! Beat my best score today and broke 80 for the first time!

Since I started this blog in June I’ve learned a lot about golf.

After uncovering the 7 steps things started really heading in the right direction. All the studying for the blog is starting to pay off. I lowered my handicap from  14.7 to 10.6 in a matter of weeks. With two more tournaments left this season the challenge to end the season with a single digit handicap is still alive!

Here’s the card of the round: +7. Check the round out on Game Golf Live here.


Practice Session

In preparation of this week’s tournament I had a three hour practice session.

Here’s what I worked on:

  • Putting
    • During the Pro-Am in Germany I realized I wasn’t making anything from mid-range.
    • I worked on my setup and realized I was too far away from the ball. Also, I worked on making the position of my right hand more neutral (inspired by Rory’s remarks after winning Deutsche Bank).
    • On the practice green I managed to hole out each of the 9 holes in sequence in under 18 strokes (-1 and -2 in my two series).
  • Chipping
    • Continued to work on distance control, focusing on hitting my landing spot and switching between targets to create more feel.
  • Full swing
    • Worked on rhythm
    • Worked on applying the 7 steps program and increasing forward shaft lean
  • Driver

International Pro-Am Germany

Had a chance to participate in a pro-am in Germany on the Varus golf course. We had so much fun on the course on day 1! We played a Texas Scramble formula and had a blast.


We couldn’t make any putts drop, so our score wasn’t as low as it could have been.

But the German beer on hole 19 made us forget that quite quickly!


August 2016

Best front nine so far

Really enjoyed this round. Check it out on Game Golf Live here.

On hole 1, a warm-up par 5, I decide to lay up. I always lay up to the end of the first part of the fairway. I aim to leave the ball 10 to 20 yards short of the bunker, which is about 100 yards away from the green. I had about 160 yards to the bunker, so I decided to hit an 8 iron, since I hit an 8 iron 140 yards. Having practiced during the week I knew I was hitting the ball better, so I decided to hit a “75% shot” (it feels like a 75% shot, but it’s probably closer to 90%). Long story short: the ball flew 160 yards and ended up in the bunker. I then knew practice was starting to pay off.

I shot +3 on the front (with a lip-out on hole 9 for birdie) and continued to play well in the back-nine until … the last 4 holes. I ended up carding a total of +6 on the last holes. The end result: 84 (12 over).

My next challenge is to do better on the last 4 holes to break 80! […]

Feet firmly back on the ground

The best round of the season is followed by the worst round of the season.

Played 25 over (97). I simply couldn’t hit any fairways. Fairway accuracy was down to 14%, that’s 2 out of 14. Not good.

The day before I worked on increasing club head speed on the range. This video from one of my favorite golf instructors Adam Bazelgette (Scratch Golf Academy) helped me to do just that.

Unfortunately changing the mechanics of your swing the day before a round rarely leads to good results. The confidence in my driver swing was gone and I was looking for my balls in the rough for most of the day.

July 2016

Excited! Round of 83 (11 over). Handicap lowered to 12.9.

Really good round today!

Felt more in control of my swing than ever before. Hit a few drives over 220 yards, but I’m looking to find more distance still.

Shot +6 in the front nine, which is close to my record of +5. I followed it up with +5 in the back nine, starting with the best few holes I can remember playing. Par on 10, excellent birdie on 11, par on 12, bogey on 13 (hit the water, limited the damage nicely), birdie on 14.

As always, I struggled with the final 4 holes, unsurprisingly. At Cleydael, the course I’m a member of, the last 4 holes are:

  • the longest par 4 (442 yards, stroke index 1) of the course
  • the longest par 3 (230 yards) of the course
  • the longest par 5 (530 yards) of the course
  • a tricky par 4 with a narrow fairway and an approach shot over water.

If you want to see the distances (in meters), you can find them here.

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